What is Diamond Dotz Freestyle?

Diamond Dotz® on 13th Aug 2022

Welcome to Diamond Dotz Freestyle!Explore your creativity and make something new with these brand NEW productsShop Diamond Dotz Freestyle HEREWhat is Diamond Dotz Freestyle?The dazzling world of Diamo … read more

Pillow Perfection - Plastic Removal Tutorial

Diamond Dotz® on 28th Oct 2021

If you haven’t had the chance to experience the magic DIAMOND DOTZ® pillows have to offer, you are missing out! These fun-filled kits are easy to do and bring a whole new dimension to the original can … read more

Are all my DIAMOND DOTZ® items safe to use?

Diamond Dotz® on 28th Oct 2021

And the answer is, YES! What’s more, we can say this with 100% confidence as every tool, component, and substrate is tested.. including every single diamond dot (of which we have over 500 shades and … read more

Freestyle Project - Yellow Butterfly

Diamond Dotz® on 28th Oct 2021

Just like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, turn a plain surface into something delightfully shimmery with this beautiful yellow butterfly design!Project SizeDesign size: 47 x 36 … read more