Freestyle Project - Yellow Butterfly

Diamond Dotz® on 28th Oct 2021

Just like a caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, turn a plain surface into something delightfully shimmery with this beautiful yellow butterfly design!

Project Size

Design size: 47 x 36 DOTZ® (5.2in x 4in)

Supply List

  • DOTZ® Sandwich Adhesive Roll
  • DOTZ® Stylus, Wax and Craft Tray
  • Flower pot or any item you want to decorate
  • DOTZ® LitePad DDA.002
  • Scissors
Freestyle Project - Yellow Butterfly


  • Cut out a piece of Sandwich Adhesive in the size of your design.
  • Lay the Chart (design facing up) on your DOTZ® Lite surface and position the Sandwich Adhesive piece (paper side down) over the top of the Chart.
  • Peel back the clear surface from the top of the Sandwich Adhesive to reveal the sticky surface. You may want to peel back to reveal the sticky surface gradually as you dot.
  • Dot onto the sticky surface following the chart pattern. Make sure to recover the sticky surface with some protective film in between dotting sessions.
  • Once all dotting is finished, cut evenly around the edge of the dotted design leaving the width of 1 gem around the outside of the design.
  • Peel the backing paper away from one small corner of the underside of your project and secure the small sticky area onto your final surface.
  • Once secured in one corner, gently peel the remaining backing paper away, sticking your dotted design down as you go.


  • Start at the top dot on the very right side row and fill the right side vertical row first.
  • For best results use DOTZ® Sandwich Adhesive on smooth, clean, and dry surfaces. Not suitable for use on fabrics or uneven surfaces.
  • Once your design is secured on the final surface, place the protective film over the DOTZ® and roll over firmly with a rolling pin.
Freestyle Project - Yellow Butterfly
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Happy Dotting!