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  • 3D Puzzles Vase - Contains 160 translucent curved puzzle pieces with a detachable water cup and stand. The finished size is 4.4 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches in height without a stand. *The translucent puzzle pieces make the pattern looks more soft and lively in different lighting.
  • Snug Interlock - The curved jigsaw puzzles are connected firmly without glue, allowing you to display or use the finished 3D puzzle vase for flower arrangement after assembling it right away.
  • Decorative Floral Container - 3D puzzle vase is ideal for flowers and home decor that reflects your personality with a vivid pattern. The 2.3 inches diameter narrow mouth is perfect for both single and bouquet flower arrangements.
  • Ideal Gift - The versatile look of this vase is a suitable gift for lovers, relatives, friends, and someone who likes to decorate their home. Great present for housewarming, weddings, holidays, or festivals like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year.

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