DDFB.GB Black Diamond Dotz Back Loading Frame

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Frame Colour: Black

Inner Frame dimensions: 48.80 x 48.80cm 19.20 x 19.20in

Outer Frame size: 54.00 x 54.00cm 21.30 x 21.30in

Dotted Design + Suitable Mat Board + Suitable Frame = Framed Masterpiece (Back Loading).

*Pls be advised that the frames do not include glass nor perspecs.

**Mat Boards (Twin Pack of Black & White) To Be Purchased Separately Based On Diamond Dotz Designs As Listed Below.

  • Traditional Style
  • Clean Modern Look
  • Feature Wall Presence
  • Best Used With Mat board
  • Easy Framing Project
  • Made From Compressed Polysterene

Kit Includes :

  • Ready Made Frame
  • Inner Mount
  • Hanging Cord Pack
  • Step By Step Pictorial Instructions
  • QR Codes To How To Video and framing Key



  • DD8.003 Kaleidoscope Walk

  • DD8.004 Flipper

  • DD8.005 Rainbow Zebras

  • DD8.017 Tall & Tender

  • DDD.1010 Cinderella's World

  • DDD.1011 Belle's World

  • DDD.1012 Snow White's World

  • DDD.1024 Snow Sisters

  • DDD.1025 OLAF


  • DD8.014 Wishing Tree

  • DD8.015 Tango Passion

  • DD9.025 Wild

  • DD9.049 Country Rooster

  • DD9.050 Tropical Majesty

  • DD9.051 Koi Mosaic


  • DD5.033 Be the Queen

  • DD7.015 Believe in Miracles

  • DD7.035 Hug A Pug

***Pls ensure that you choose the correct frames and mat board before ordering. No return nor refund allowed. No replacement if frames and mats are damaged during DIY framing. Pls handle with care. Thank you for your understanding.



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