DDFB.E Diamond Dotz Back Loading Frame

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49cm x 59cm (Outer Frame) Diamond Dotz Back Loading Frame. 

Dotted Design + Suitable Mat Board + Suitable Frame = Framed Masterpiece (Back Loading).

*Pls be advised that the frames do not include glass nor perspecs.

**Mat Boards (Twin Pack of Black & White) To Be Purchased Separately Based On Diamond Dotz Designs As Listed Below.

  • Traditional Style
  • Clean Modern Look
  • Feature Wall Presence
  • Best Used With Mat board
  • Easy Framing Project
  • Made From Compressed Polysterene

Kit Includes :

  • Ready Made Frame
  • Inner Mount
  • Hanging Cord Pack
  • Step By Step Pictorial Instructions
  • QR Codes To How To Video and framing Key

Compatible When Match With Mat Boards No.- 

Mat Board DDMAT14 : 

  1. Diamond Art Lotus
  2. Diamond Art Succulents
  3. Diamond Art Peacock
  4. Diamond Art Light House

Mat Board DDMAT15 : 

  1. You & Me
  2. Panda Prince

Mat Board DDMAT16 :

  1. Lovely Boy
  2. Lulu Llama
  3. Three Amigoes

Mat Board DDMAT17 :

  1. Peaceful Offering
  2. White Tiger In Autumn
  3. White Wolf
  4. Good Fortune Cardinal
  5. Bunch Of Love
  6. Wild & Free
  7. Foxy
  8. Mother On Guard

Mat Board DDMAT18 :

  1. Pup In Pot
  2. Fishy Kissy
  3. Summer Dreams

Mat Board DDMAT19 :

  1. Bengal Magic

Mat Board DDMAT20 :

  1. Peace & Tranquility

***Pls ensure that you choose the correct frames and mat board before ordering. No return nor refund allowed. Thank you for your understanding.


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