Arial, Bell, Aurora Disney 3 Pack Velvet Poster Art

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Arial, Bell & Aurora Velvet Art Posters

Colourme Velvet Art Posters are constructed from a heavyweight 350gsm card with soft textured black velvet sections across the design. Simply use your favourite pens, markers, coloured pencils or inks to colour in and decorate the white areas of the poster and create an individual personalised work of art.

The Colourme Velvet Art Posters are suitable for all ages and abilities and is a fun creative project to complete. Do a little each day or finish in one day. You can even add embellishments like glitter or sequins to give it some extra pizazz!
  • Colour your own masterpiece
  • Textured design on black canvas, colour the white parts yourself
  • You can use coloured pencils, pens and textas with ease.
Packaging Dimensions: 29.7 x 21.0 x 1.0 cm
Composition: Cardstock

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